Research on Immune Responses and Advanced Gastric Cancer

Dr. Konstantino Avradopoulos is a respected member of the medical community in Gardner, Massachusetts, at Heywood hospital. In his career, Dr. Konstantino Avradopoulos has authored several papers, including work on the role of IL-10 in the immune response of head and neck cancers. Dr. Avradopoulos’ work was cited in the article “Polymorphisms of interleukin-10 promoter… Read More Research on Immune Responses and Advanced Gastric Cancer

Understanding Esophageal Cancer

Dr. Konstantino Avradopoulos serves in the Wound Care Center at Heywood Hospital in Gardner, Massachusetts. Also a surgical oncologist, Dr. Konstantino Avradopoulos is interested in esophageal cancer resection. The esophagus, situated behind the windpipe, is a muscular, hollow tube that links the throat and the stomach. Access to the esophagus is guarded by the upper… Read More Understanding Esophageal Cancer