Research on Immune Responses and Advanced Gastric Cancer

Gastric Cancer pic
Gastric Cancer

Dr. Konstantino Avradopoulos is a respected member of the medical community in Gardner, Massachusetts, at Heywood hospital. In his career, Dr. Konstantino Avradopoulos has authored several papers, including work on the role of IL-10 in the immune response of head and neck cancers. Dr. Avradopoulos’ work was cited in the article “Polymorphisms of interleukin-10 promoter are not associated with prognosis of advanced gastric cancer” (World Journal of Gastroenterology, 2011).

The research for the article centered on the complex mechanisms that trigger differences in individual immune responses, which may be due to inherited genetic variation. Past studies have indicated that functional polymorphisms within the genes that regulate inflammatory and immune response are contributors to gastric cancer.

The study centered on cytokines, a deregulated part of the immune system that may impact the clinical course of malignant tumors as well as chronic or acute inflammatory reactions at tumor sites. A particular focus was on associations between IL-10 promoter polymorphisms and advanced gastric cancer within a Chinese population. The results indicated that such polymorphisms were linked to elevated gastric cancer risks but that they did not have an effect on the prognosis of advanced gastric cancer patients.