A skilled administrator and clinician, Dr. Konstantino (Dan) Avradopoulos has practiced as a surgical oncologist since 1996. He began his career in Providence, Rhode Island, as a staff surgeon at several Brown University hospitals, after completing a fellowship in surgical oncology at the Brown University College of Medicine and the Roger Williams Medical Center. In 2000, Dr. Dan Avradopoulos relocated to Massachusetts to become a staff surgeon at Saint Vincent Hospital in the Worcester Medical Center, where he was promoted to director of surgical oncology and gastrointestinal oncology the following year.

Dedicated to expanding the reach of the hospital’s cancer practice, Dr. Dan Avradopoulos planned and introduced a new breast cancer clinic. As its director, he coordinated the work of physicians in various oncology disciplines to create integrated treatment plans for patients. As a clinician, Dr. Avradopoulos stood out as the hospital’s first surgeon to conduct radiofrequency ablation of a liver tumor.

Subsequently brought on as a staff surgeon at Harrington Hospital in Southbridge, Massachusetts, Dr. Dan Avradopoulos also served on a number of hospital committees, including the steering committee for practice management software and the senior value analysis committee.

Dr. Avradopoulos left Harrington in 2014 and served for a year with an international outreach group, during which time he traveled to care for workers in South Sudan. He now serves as the lead physician of the Wound Care Unit at Heywood Hospital in Gardner, Massachusetts.

In terms of research, Dr. Avradopoulos has written several highly praised, peer-reviewed articles about his studies, including a paper on the immuno-suppressive potential of Interleukin-10. He is also frequently invited to present at professional conferences.